How Do Labels Help You Promote Your Business?

  • Jul 29, 2022

As an entrepreneur, you are always looking for creative ways to increase your visibility and boost your brand image. One such way is by using custom labels to help you promote your business. Think about how important the label on a product is. If we don’t know anything about the product, we, as consumers, absolutely judge a product based on its label.


Different Uses for Labels:

Getting a consumer to choose your product over someone else’s isn’t the only thing you can do with labels. Labels are versatile and can be used to help gain people’s attention, impress potential clients, or promote your business on a whole. Most importantly, you can boost your brand visibility on a low budget because getting labels with We Love Logos is one of the least expensive and most effective marketing tactics. Labels and stickers can be used in a variety of different ways, the sky is the limit when it comes to these amazing marketing tools. Here are some ideas:

  • Bumper Stickers or Campaign Stickers, and political stickers or labels
  • Entrance Labels for Doors or Signs
  • Labels and Stickers that only display a logo for water bottles and other uses
  • Team, school, group and club stickers and labels for binders, folders, backpacks, and more
  • Labels and Stickers for laptops, phone cases, or gaming consoles
  • Labels and stickers for gift bags, tags, letters, place cards, and notebooks
  • Labels or stickers for instrument cases, lunchboxes, luggage, and skateboards


Using Labels or Stickers to Grab Your Customer’s Attention

Whether you make home-made jam, rule the farmer’s market with your unique brand of vegan cookies, or have a business that simply creates label designs for other companies, you’re sure to impress even the pickiest customer with a label that pops out and grabs their attention. How do you do this?  

  • Quality labels that scream professionalism are clear, readable, and use a font that is simple to read.
  • Don’t be afraid of white space, an overcrowded label gives your eyes too much to focus on, while a white label with a few key features gives your customer something to focus on.
  • Always make sure that any logos or designs you upload are in the highest resolution possible, to prevent fuzzy labels that can make your brand seem amateurish.


Using Labels to Drive Business and Impress Your Clients

When you create a label for your business or product, your goal isn’t just to get that one-time purchase, it is to let your customers know how to come back to you and get more. Look at the back of your favorite chip brand, or any other big-name product for ideas. You’ll want to use your label to direct customers to your website, social media, or any other place where they can learn more about your business and what makes you special. Here are some ideas:

  • Include a line about what makes your product unique, for example, “Always Made Organically” or “Environmentally Friendly”
  • Create a space that directs people to where they can find more of your product and buy it! This includes your website, Instagram store, or Etsy shop.
  • Include a teaser list of other products that you have, it can be a short sentence for example, “We make soaps, scrubs, bath salts and more. Check us out online”


More Tips and Tricks to Help Your Label Stand Out

Your label should be designed specifically to boost your brand’s visibility, so that it stands out on the shelf and attracts all of the customers. Here are some more tips and tricks that can help:

  • Shapes and Sizes – Remember that labels come in all different types of shapes and sizes. If you sell a product in a jar that is 4” high, you’ll want to utilize as much space as possible. If you have a square bottle, consider a diamond shaped label, or even a circle shaped label to create a visual impact.
  • Colors and Logos – If your logo is white, consider a label that is another solid color that represents your brand. Make sure you are using a CMYK format for your digital designs so that what you are seeing on the screen is what ends up on the printed label.
  • Make Sure Your Label is Your Own – It may be super simple to copy and paste images and even parts of your logo from the world wide web – but that doesn’t make it legal. The last thing you want is for your little brand to go big, then end up with a lawsuit on your hands. Create original art as often as possible, or purchase stock images so that you have proper licensing.


Why You Should Print Your Labels with We Love Logos

 At We Love Logos, our goal is your satisfaction. Our staff specializes in advertising and enjoys working with our customers so that you are able to best promote your company with the peace of mind and knowledge that there are experts hard at work making your promotional products look good. When you purchase your labels through We Love Logos, you’ll know that the potential and possibilities you have are limitless. The above tips might be helpful, but we handle your project expertly so you end up a beautiful end product. We also specialize in bulk orders, so contact us today to learn more, or to speak with an expert. We’ll go out of our way to find the most cost-effective way to help you find a label that works best for you.

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