Corporate Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

  • Dec 5, 2021

The holidays are a great time to show your appreciation for all the hard work your employees have put in over the year. A thoughtful holiday gift this time of year can make a big difference in how your employees view the company.

When selecting a gift, its important to consider who you are as a company, and the individuals who will be receiving them. A gift of coffee might fall flat if the majority of your employees are tea drinkers, just as you wouldnt buy steaks for vegans.

These ideas are useful gifts that many people enjoy, and all of them can be customized to your business.


Reusable water bottles

Single use water bottles not only cost a ridiculous amount for something that is virtually free from the tap, its also an extreme environmental waste. As more companies are becoming aware of their environmental footprint, plastic water bottles are getting shoved aside in favor of water dispensers for the workplace.

If youre planning to bring in a water dispenser for your workplace, offering your employees a reusable water bottle can be a great way to kick it off—youll not only give your employees something useful theyll actually use, but youll also be doing good to the planet.


Tote bags

If you plan to give multiple gifts to your employees, customers, clients, and/or vendors, why not present them in a convenient bag they can use for a variety of purposes? A tote bag is much more practical than a gift bag, and can be used as a grocery bag, beach tote, book bag, or anything else that individual might need a durable bag for. And since tote bags are the #1 reused promotional item, it's a great practical gift that they're sure to use over and over again.



Although theres always the one odd person who doesnt like coffee, the popularity of businesses such as Starbucks tells us that coffee drinkers are alive and well across the world. If youre looking for a good gift that will please the majority of people, a nice selection of coffee might be a good way to start.


Lunchbox sets

No matter what sort of employee you are, chances are you bring a lunch to work at some point throughout the year. A nice bento box set or other lunch box is a good selection for almost anyone. It may even save money for them if they constantly find themselves going to restaurants for lunch instead of bringing food from home. A lunch box set might be just the encouragement they need to start bringing healthy, delicious food from home.



If you want to show your employees how much you appreciate them, a nice watch is a real crowd pleaser. Watches are tasteful, useful, and can be regifted easily if it turns out the person who received it doesnt have that need.


Your employees work hard for the company every day of the year. The holidays are a great opportunity to show them how much you care. A nice gift is something they will find useful, and that works well for a wide variety of different employees. This year, show your employees how much you care with a unique and practical gift from We Love Logos. Contact us for more practical ideas or for more information.

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