6 Great Promotional Product Ideas for Travel Agents

  • Mar 31, 2022


Promotional products are an effective method of promoting your brand to potential customers. Every time you give away a product with your name and logo on it, that item will be seen by everyone in that persons life as they go about their business. Especially if its a product they actually want to use.

These 6 promotional products are popular items that your customers will love, and are perfectly themed for travel.

1. A Tote Bag

Every busy traveler needs an extra bag or two to store those sunglasses, towels, and other vacation items. Even after their current trip is over, that bag will still be of use to them again and again. The average bag gets about 3,300 views from other customers in its lifetime—thats a lot of advertising!

You can easily combine this bag with other gifts, using it as a sort of gift basket to contain the other products.

2. Luggage Tags

If you want to give your clients something for their upcoming trip, luggage tags are a great way to help them on their way. Finding your luggage can be a hassle when so many bags look alike, but these Neoprene Luggage Grippers can help you avoid taking someone elses bag, or prevent them from taking yours! They can also help you to retrieve your bag if it is ever lost.

3. Hats

A hat is another practical choice that many customers will get a lot of use out of. The average hat is seen about 3,400 times—the same amount as t-shirts with your logo on them. Hats are an especially thoughtful item from a travel agent because many of the areas people want to visit involve a lot of sunshine.

4. Power Bank

Traveling often means going without a place to charge your electronics for long stretches of time. A power bank can help bridge that stretch of time. Power banks are a thoughtful gesture that shows you truly understand what a person might need while traveling and may result in a travel story or two that will last for years.

5. Wellness Travel Kit

An especially thoughtful gift, especially in light of the current pandemic. A wellness travel kit might include a face mask, hand sanitizer, and a small bottle of soap. A wellness travel kit puts a nice spin on standard kits and is a thoughtful gesture your customers will appreciate.

Although face mask mandates are starting to become less commonplace, many people still regularly use masks in crowded places to avoid getting sick, and in some places, it is still required. Having an extra one on hand is still a very useful gift.

6. Set of Clean Bags

Another thoughtful gift for your customers is a set of clean bags. These may well be the gift that your customer doesnt know they need. A typical set of bags includes a bag for shoes, dirty laundry, and electronics.

These bags are designed to help keep things from getting dirty, such as the electronics, or to keep dirty things from touching clean things. No one really wants their sneakers touching their clean clothes, and a set of clean bags can really help.


These 6 gifts are thoughtful ways you can give to your clients, and also promote your business at the same time. Gifts to your clients can help separate you from other travel agents, and something truly thoughtful can help add to a persons recommendation when others ask who the best travel agent is.

For more great gift ideas for travel agents, or any other business, contact Tom Finley at We Love Logos today.

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