6 Charity Golf Tournament Swag Ideas

  • Apr 20, 2022

Hosting a charity event is an important way golf courses can give back to their community. Charity golf events can often raise large amounts of money for a good cause, while also attracting top tier golfers and fans alike who want to help out.

Swag bags and thank you gifts are critical to helping your event stand out and encourage more fans to turn out next year. The following items are popular additions to swag bags and will help those participating in your event remember it for next year.

1. Tote Bags

Whether youre a fan or a golfer, a lot of walking is needed to move around a golf course. If you are also carrying a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and half a dozen other things, a bag to carry it all in is a practical choice.

A tote bag can be a simple and thoughtful gift that will help your guests keep their things together, while also advertising your event or golf course for years to come.

2. Drawstring bag

In a similar way, drawstring bags can be a thoughtful gift as well. Drawstring bags can help keep things together for your guests, as well as tying shut to keep things from spilling out and being easy to carry. If you are worried that a tote bag has been overdone, a drawstring bag can be a nice way to change things up while still providing your guests a way to carry their things.

3. Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is also a wonderful gift your guests will greatly appreciate. Golfing is an outdoor activity, and also subject to the weather. Staying hydrated will help your guests stay cool, refreshed, and possibly avoid illness due to heat or dehydration.

4. Tumbler

If your golf tournament is starting very early in the morning, a tumbler for coffee may be another greatly appreciated gift. Tumblers can help keep coffee or tea hot, and is a useful gift long after the tournament itself is over.

5. Tee off kit

Getting your guest a set of golf balls, tees, or some other gift directly related to golfing can be another thoughtful gift your fans appreciate. A tee off kit usually includes a set of tees in a container, along with a ball marker to help keep track of golf balls.

6. Umbrellas or hats

Another thoughtful gift is some way to shade your guests from the sun or rain. A simple baseball cap can help keep the rain off their face while theyre watching or participating in a match, while an umbrella can provide more shelter.

Protecting your guests from the elements can make the event more enjoyable, while also advertising it in a thoughtful way.


Gifts and prizes are an important part of a charity golf event. These suggestions are all popular choices for golfers and can make a big difference in how well your event is remembered. They can also all be customized with your company logo so your brand will be memorable each time the swag item is used. 

If youre hoping to make your next charity event a success, contact We Love Logos to give these a try.

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